Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Wendy Lawhon

Wendy is a homeschooling mom to 7 and wife of a pastor/director of Hamoreh Ministries. Her husband travels regularly to train pastors in East Africa. She is involved with her church and children’s Classical Conversations community. She has a heart for missions, having served overseas and in neighboring communities. The need became clear to help friends in Kenya who are struggling to love and provide for children in desperate circumstances. She gathered friends to pray and Foundations Kenya was born. Having the priviledge to serve together as a family is her next great adventure!

Casey Cease

Casey Cease loves Jesus, his wife and kids, and helping organizations thrive. With extensive experience in business and ministry, Casey brings a passion for Jesus, people, and missions to this organization. He has been to Kenya and seen firsthand the need and the ways that a little bit of money goes a long, long way in helping children have their basic needs met, thrive in education, and most importantly, learn about the transforming love of Jesus Christ. Casey has helped launch two other ministries serving in East Africa, and is thrilled about the possibilities that Foundations Kenya has to bring life-changing opportunities the the Church and surrounding communities through starting and supporting Christ-centered schools.

Jerry Roberts

Jerry is a Senior Manager of Communications for Enterprise Products Partners. His team implements and supports all telecommunications infrastructure required to safely operate their plants and pipeline systems throughout the US.

Since coming to the Lord later in life, he has grown a heart for serving others in his community. After being introduced to the people of Kenya, he has grown a heart for serving his brothers and sisters around the globe. I guess you can say that his community has expanded a bit.

Windy McCall

Windy McCall is a daughter of the King, wife to Ross McCall and mom to two wonderful young boys.  She takes it as a compliment when she is confused for Wendy Lawhon.  

Windy worked in the accounting field for 10 years before having children and now spends her time homeschooling.  She is in charge of bookkeeping for Foundations Kenya.

She still finds it amazing how God uses behind the scenes skills for His glory and to benefit those in need.  She hopes to one day have the privilege to join one of Foundation Kenya’s mission trips.

Karin Harper

Karin is captivated by the adventure of life and inspires others to live in a way that is both life-giving and impactful. She is a lover of God, people, cultures, missions, and the church. She lived in Estonia for 6 years and Spain for 4 year helping people investigate whether there is a God and if He could be real in their lives. She was blown away by the privilege of getting a front row seat to watch God work.

She was in real estate for several years and savored the opportunity to love and serve clients and co-workers. She worked for 7 years at Gateway Church in Austin, TX as a Grow Pastor and currently works at Woodmen Valley Chapel as the Director of Community Groups and Spiritual Growth.

She’s excited to be on the board of Foundations Kenya because she believes in the mission of loving and feeding families in need in Africa - both physically and spiritually.

She can most often be found outside enjoying the mountains, biking, kayaking, hiking, skiing or chilling in a hammock.

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